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MAR Teachers Pay Teachers Resources

MAR Bookshop

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Bookshop is all about giving back! Not only are we supporting local bookstores, each purchase through our Bookshop will earn our organization 10% of the sale.

Resources by MAR

Here, you will find links and downloadable files to help you navigate the journey toward activism with Moms Against Racism.

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Here, you will find a presentation that might just despoil the myth that friendship and allyship are one-and-the-same.

Anti-Oppression Resources

This database will link you to great resources to help you along your anti-oppression learning process.  Why does this matter? You can't fix systems you don't understand, and you can't use skills you don't have.

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MAR News

Take advantage of the research done by MAR volunteers to learn more about our current initiatives and how they relate to your home, community, and workplace.



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